Sweet Almond Mint Styling Creme

A ‘leave it and love it’ treatment that transforms any look. Boosting body, volume, and shine in just a few pumps, our Sweet Almond Mint Styling Creme does it all. Control frizz, protect against heat damage, lock in moisture, and nourish your hair all day long.

Sweet Almond Mint Styling Creme

A ‘leave it and love it’ treatment that transforms any look. Boosting body, volume, and shine in just a few pumps, our Sweet Almond Mint Styling Creme does it all. Control frizz, protect against heat damage, lock in moisture, and nourish your hair all day long.

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Sweet Almond Mint Styling Creme
How to use Styling Creme
After cleansing, apply appropriate amount of the Styling Creme for your hair length from the mid-shaft to ends of soaking wet hair.
Smooth any remaining product over the crown.
Style as desired. When air-drying it will help prevent frizz, when heat styling it adds the heat protection you need.
Chaz’s Tip
Never forget to add your Styling Creme and for the best results, add it to soaking wet hair.

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    NANCY V.
    United States United States

    Love this product

    always love the shampoo until my hair started falling out.


    WEN® by Chaz Dean

    Hi Nancy, Thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately, there is this perception that has lingered about WEN but we can assure you, there is no scientific evidence to support any claim that our hair care products caused anyone to lose their hair. The fact is WEN users actually have less hair issues than you would expect to find in any given population. There are many reasons why individuals may lose their hair, but they are all unrelated to WEN hair products.The reality is that the many reasons why individuals may suffer hair loss is (i.e. medication, illness, stress, pregnancy, surgery, etc.), but none of them are related to the WEN products. Because of this, none of the products have been reformulated and are exactly the same as they have always been. We've conduced over two million dollars worth of safety testing since and have published those results on our site here: https://chazdean.com/safety. These tests prove the product and all of its ingredients are safe to use. If you did not know, Chaz has been doing hair for 30 years+ and he created WEN to help preserve the quality, health and integrity of your hair, hair color and scalp. He has owned and operated his own salons for 25 years. Chaz uses the highest quality of ingredients he can in all his products and this is why you will pay more money when it comes to WEN. It is important to him that everything we provide is safe because we use the products ourselves and so do our family, friends and pets. To uphold the highest standards, Chaz tasked world-class toxicologist and dermatologist to evaluate everything from ingredients to manufacturing facilities and he continues to do everything to ensure product safety is maintained. Our products are the most safety-tested beauty product on the market today and we have millions of dollars in safety studies done by the top dermatologists in the world. I'll trust those over a n uninformed person any day. Many people do not know that they can develop an allergy or an allergic reaction to something anytime in their life whether from beauty products or what we eat. If a person has a "known" allergy we always recommend they take the ingredient list of any of our formulas to your dermatologist before purchasing because many things we use every day like cleanser, soaps, deodorant, make up even mouthwash have ingredients that can trigger a skin allergy. Most times when WEN users describe they are losing more hair than normal, it may be that they are not using the correct amount of cleanser for their hair length. Using less than the recommended amount can cause extreme shedding, leave your hair unclean, feeling greasy or dirty and or dry. Also when not using WEN properly, your hair and or scalp may get dry, dehydrated, or develop a buildup that may clog follicles. This is really common with new users because WEN does not work like ordinary shampoos or conditioners. WEN encapsulates dirt, grime and oil and then lifts it out of the scalp and hair when rinsing. Since WEN does not contain any harsh detergents, sulfates or surfactants and completely phthalate free, it doesn't lather. It is very important to use enough to fully saturate the hair from root to ends to ensure a thorough cleanse, otherwise it is essentially the same as not cleansing the hair at all. For many new users, it will feel like you are using too much at first. Chaz created the Wen cleansing conditioner with skin care ingredients and we highly recommend that you use the WEN cleansing conditioner to replace your current, traditional shampoo and conditioner. When you cleanse your hair, the combination of all the nourishing ingredients, extracts, botanicals and essential oils clarify your hair and scalp, while adding moisture and hydration. We want to be sure you are using the correct amount of WEN so here is some information on how to use the cleansing conditioner in your daily routine whether you cleanse every day or twice a week. All of our cleansers are universal for all hair types, so you can't go wrong with any of them. Here is our guide to help determine the amount of cleansing conditioner but it can vary and you can adjust it by adding more or less. Making sure your hair is completely creamy and saturated from roots/scalp to ends with the product. 32oz size cleansing conditioner Short (Pixie) – 3-5 pumps Chin - Neck length – 4-8 pumps Shoulder length – 8-10 pumps Chest (above bra) – 12-16 pumps Long (at bra line) – 16 pumps Always cleanse, rinse and repeat by splitting the total amount of pumps in half. Use the first ½ of pumps for first cleanse, massage thoroughly into the scalp and hair, combing through from scalp to ends with a wide tooth comb to help evenly distribute the WEN, then rinse. Use a second 1/2 of pumps for second cleanse, massage thoroughly repeating the first cleanse process and leave on for 3-5 minutes or remaining shower time, then rinse thoroughly. Put 1-2 pumps of CC back into soaking wet hair from mid-shaft to ends as a leave-in conditioner. Be sure to cleanse with cool water will help protect color-treated hair from fading because it keeps the hair cuticle closed. It does not have to be ice cold but you should just keep it as cool as possible while still being comfortable. I hope this information is helpful. Have a great day!

    Nancy F.
    United States United States

    Sweet Almond cleanser

    I've used this for about 6 years will never use anything g else. My hair is clean thicker then it's ever been healthy, shines

    Ginger D.
    United States United States

    I always come back

    I have been using Wen Sweet Almond Mint for years. I've tried other products over the years because of the higher cost of Wen but I always come back to Wen. It's well worth the extra cost. Nothing makes my hair look better than Wen.

    Christy B.
    United States United States

    Love it!!

    Love it!!

    Duranta G.
    United States United States

    My hair

    Very good. Recommended to me ny a friend.