Thank you for your interest in the safety of the WEN® products. It is important to us that everything we provide is safe because we use these products ourselves, and so do our family, friends, and even our pets. We take this responsibility seriously. To ensure we’re upholding the highest standards, we tasked world-class toxicologists and dermatologists to evaluate everything from our ingredients to our manufacturing facilities.

WEN By Chaz Dean® (“Wen”) has and is continuing to do everything it can to ensure product safety is always maintained. Since their inception, Wen products have been tested through Human Repeat Insult Patch Tests (“RIPTs”). RIPT is a standard test to determine the safety of cosmetic products. To date, the Wen products have been tested on over 2,700 people without any adverse reactions.

The Assessment Wen undertook is likely the most comprehensive safety assessment ever performed on a cosmetic product. This assessment was done to evaluate the potential for any adverse effects, including the potential for hair loss, associated with the use of the WEN products.

Many of these tests have been published as articles in peer-reviewed literature or peer-reviewed presentations at the Society of Toxicology. The articles and presentations have been reviewed and approved by numerous impartial experts who validate the methodology and findings.

Below you’ll find detailed information about how we keep our promise of bringing the best to you. As always, we’d be happy to hear from you about how we could be doing better at customerservice@chazdean.com.

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